10 Things Goldfish Like To Play With In Aquarium

Are you looking for ways to keep your goldfish entertained? Aquariums can be a great source of entertainment for goldfish if you know what to include. From floating toys to decorative objects, there are lots of fun items your fish can enjoy.

Here are 10 things your goldfish will love to play with in its aquarium.

Key Takeaways

  • Floating toys and sinking toys provide entertainment and stimulation for goldfish in the aquarium.
  • Decorative objects such as plants and rocks create a natural and visually appealing environment for goldfish.
  • Hiding places and toys in the aquarium help goldfish feel secure and engaged.
  • Enrichment toys and food puzzles, along with a varied diet, promote foraging behavior and diversity in the goldfish’s diet.

Floating Toys

You’ll love watching your goldfish play with the floating toys in the aquarium! Interacting with these interactive toys encourages social play and can provide hours of entertainment.

Offer your fish a variety of items to explore, and watch as they investigate and play. For an even more stimulating environment, look for toys that move and make noises.

Goldfish are social creatures and they’ll love playing with their new toys!

Sinking Toys

Sinking toys are a great way to provide entertainment for your fish.

Interactive toys, like weighted balls and bridges, add an extra level of fun to the aquarium and stimulate higher activity levels.

Many of these toys are made to resemble everyday objects, like treasure chests and pirate ships, to add to the atmosphere.

They’re easy to install and require no maintenance, so you can keep your fish happy and entertained for hours.

Decorative Objects

Decorating your fish tank is a great way to make it more enjoyable for both you and your fish. Adding interactive items such as plants and rocks can help create a natural, aesthetically pleasing environment. These objects provide stimulation, and the water movement they create can help keep your goldfish entertained.

Plants can also help oxygenate the water, which is essential for your fish’s health. Choose colorful decorations that suit your tank and make it a fun, inviting place for your goldfish to explore.

Exciting Aquarium Elements

You want to make your aquarium as exciting as possible for your goldfish! Providing hiding places, toys, and games can help your fish feel secure and have fun.

Hiding places help your fish feel secure, while toys keep them entertained and games help them to stay active and engaged.

With the right elements, you can create an exciting and stimulating aquarium environment for your goldfish to enjoy.

Hiding Places

Goldfish enjoy having hiding places in their aquarium, so they can dart in and out of them. Provide them with materials like rocks, driftwood, and plants that offer plenty of crevices and caves.

Or, get creative and use aquarium shapes like pipes, tunnels, and caves. These materials will make the tank more exciting for the fish and give them the privacy they need. They’re sure to have a blast exploring!

Toys & Games

Now let’s move on to things your goldfish can play with in the aquarium!

Foraging challenges and interactive toys are great ways to keep your goldfish entertained. They can explore and learn as they use their natural abilities to locate and interact with the different toys.

You can also get toys that produce water currents, which can help to keep your goldfish active and engaged, and provide them with the mental stimulation that they need.


Plants are often a great addition to a goldfish’s aquarium, providing entertainment and enrichment. Water types such as Anacharis and Hornwort are ideal for goldfish tanks, as they thrive in the same water conditions.

Adding natural elements to the tank, like driftwood and submerged rocks, helps to create a more natural environment for the fish. Live plants not only look great, but they also help to remove toxins from the tank and provide a place for the fish to hide.


Adding gravel to your goldfish tank is an important part of creating a healthy environment. Choose substrate materials that have a smooth, rounded texture that won’t damage delicate fins. Gravel types like quartz, marble, and coral can provide a striking visual and are safe for goldfish.

Be sure to wash the gravel to remove any dirt or debris. The gravel will help the goldfish feel secure as they explore and have fun in their tank.


Adding rocks to your goldfish’s aquarium can provide an interesting and stimulating environment. You can choose from a variety of sizes, textures, and colors, so you can give your fish a unique and interesting home.

When placing rocks in the aquarium, make sure you use the right size for the tank and that your goldfish can easily swim around them.

Size Options

You’ll want to consider the size of the items you put in your aquarium when selecting toys for your goldfish.

Interactive play should be encouraged, so ensure the size of the items don’t overwhelm your tank design.

Larger rocks can provide more of a challenge for your goldfish, however, they can take up space and limit other items.

Smaller rocks can still provide an opportunity for play and exploration, while leaving enough room for other items.

Ultimately, choose what works best for your goldfish and the tank design.

Textures Available

When it comes to tank decor, there’re lots of textures to choose from, ranging from smooth surfaces to coarse textures. To help your goldfish feel at home, consider interactive toys and stress-relieving objects with various textures, such as pebbles, rocks, and plants.

Smooth surfaces like marbles and glass beads are also great for providing an interesting environment. Adding toys with different textures to the tank will give your pet an enjoyable experience and plenty of fun.

Placement Tips

When arranging your tank decor, it’s important to consider how the items are placed. For goldfish, interactive play is enhanced when oxygen levels are kept high.

Place the decor in ways that maximize the oxygen flow in the tank. Make sure there are open areas and a variety of textures for the fish to explore.

Create an environment that encourages them to play and explore!

Aquarium Décor

Aquarium décor provides plenty of entertainment for goldfish. With interactive activities and vibrant color choices, it’s easy to create an aquatic paradise for your goldfish.

Try adding plants, rocks, and brightly colored decorations to your tank to give your fish something to explore. You can also add toys, such as mirrors and balls, for your goldfish to play with.

Creating a fun and stimulating environment for your goldfish will help keep them healthy and happy.

Aquarium Lights

You’ll need aquarium lights to create a healthy environment for your fish and plants. This lighting allows your fish to see each other and your vibrant décor, while also nurturing the growth of your plants.

Lights should be changed every 6-8 months to ensure a healthy and balanced environment in your aquarium. Choose the right lighting for your tank and your fish will thank you with vibrant colors and lively behavior.

Bubblers and Filters

When it comes to aquariums, bubblers and filters are essential components for keeping your goldfish happy and healthy.

Not only do bubblers provide oxygenation power, they also create a calming atmosphere that your goldfish will appreciate.

Filters, on the other hand, efficiently keep your tank clean, making sure the water remains clear and healthy.

Together, bubblers and filters are key to a happy, thriving home for your goldfish.

Oxygenation Power

To properly oxygenate your goldfish’s aquarium, you’ll need a power filter. The filter will help maintain optimal oxygen levels, ensuring your fish stay healthy and happy.

It works by drawing water through the filter and then pushing it back into the tank, cycling the water and allowing fresh oxygen to enter.

The oxygenation effects of a power filter will help keep your goldfish’s water clean and oxygenated, providing the perfect environment for your fish.

Cleaning Efficiency

Power filters are highly efficient at cleaning the water, helping to keep it free from debris and contaminants.

Providing your goldfish with personalized care and attention, including weekly maintenance of the filter, will ensure a safe and healthy environment for them to thrive in. This is a vital part of aquarist care, ensuring your goldfish have the best possible living conditions.

Regular filter maintenance also helps to keep your tank clean, allowing your goldfish to enjoy their home without any worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Type of Fish Food for Goldfish?

Feeding your goldfish the right diet is essential to their playing habits, tank setup, and aquarium decorations. Offer a variety of foods, such as flakes and pellets, to meet their nutritional needs. Live food, like brine shrimp, is also a great option for your goldfish. Feed your fish sparingly; they should be able to finish their food in 2-3 minutes.

What Are the Optimal Water Temperature and Ph Levels for a Goldfish Aquarium?

When caring for goldfish, it’s important to ensure their environmental needs are met by maintaining a temperature of 68-74 degrees and a pH level of 6.5-7.5. This will help promote healthy breeding habits and ensure your goldfish thrive.

What Should I Do if My Goldfish Is Not Eating?

If your goldfish isn’t eating, first identify any potential symptoms to diagnose the issue. Offer them food alternatives, such as frozen or live, and observe their response. If still not eating, seek help from a fish expert or vet.

How Often Should I Clean the Goldfish Aquarium?

Clean your goldfish tank regularly to maintain a healthy environment for your fish. Depending on tank size and filter maintenance, this could mean weekly or monthly water changes.

What Are the Signs of a Healthy Goldfish?

Signs of a healthy goldfish include active behavior and a lack of stress signs. Look for swimming and playful behavior, clear eyes, and a bright color. Make sure your goldfish is eating and healthy to ensure a happy life.


You can give your goldfish a variety of activities to enjoy in their aquarium. From floating toys to sinking toys, decorative objects to exciting aquarium elements, plants to rocks, and aquarium décor to lights, you’ll be able to provide them with a fun and stimulating environment.

With so many options to choose from, your goldfish will love their home and thrive in their environment.



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