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13 Stunning Pink Colour Fish For Your Aquarium

People have been drawn to pink colour for a very long time. Its subtle colour and brilliant shine have captured the attention of aquariums, fashion, and art.

Pink fish may add an air of ethereality to any home aquarium by dramatically contrasting the water’s blue and green hues. The huge selection of species available in shades ranging from soft pastels to vivid fuchsia will offer your tank a compelling and enigmatic atmosphere.

In this article, we have covered about 13 beautiful pink colour fish that could spice up your aquarium.

Key Takeaways

  • Pink colour fish come in many kinds, such as Pink Kissing Gouramis, Pink Convict Cichlids, Pink Bettas, Pink Tuxedo Guppies, and others.
  • The care requirements for the different pink-coloured fish vary, such as the necessity for floating plants and protection for guppies, and sufficient swimming room for rainbowfish.
  • The flower horn is a widely recognized pink fish, yet it has a reputation for being violent and possessive of its territory.

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Types of Pink Colour Fish

With their stunning colouration, pink fish has different varieties that can bring vibrant and eye-catching beauty to any aquarium. From the graceful Pink Kissing Gouramis found in Java and other Asian countries to the rare Albino Pacu Fish native to Colombia, there are plenty of unique options for freshwater tank enthusiasts seeking a touch of eerie beauty.

Pet owners can choose between the lovely pink Bettas or the genetically modified Moonrise Pink Glowfish Tetras with a bright hue for an extra dose of whimsy. And let’s remember the delightful Harlequin Rasboras with their mesmerizing tails, adding to the charm of any aquarium. With so many captivating options, it’s no wonder why pink is one of the most sought-after colours in aquariums today.

Pink Salmon

The Anadromous fish, also known as pink salmon or Oncorhynchus gorbuscha, are found in the northern Pacific Ocean and the rivers that feed into it. This odd pink fish is a sight to behold; its mysterious presence rapidly fills the space with mystery and macabre due to its beautiful colouring.

As this variety of bright pink fish moves through the water, it’s difficult to turn away because it almost seems alien compared to other varieties of tiny pink fish.

Even the famous tuxedo guppy cannot match its remarkable hue, which sticks out amid other salty and tropical pink-coloured fish. This intriguing creature is guaranteed to draw attention with its distinctive design of alternating vivid pink and white stripes.

Pink Tail Triggerfish

Exhibiting a captivating pink hue, the Pinktail Triggerfish is a truly unique and fascinating saltwater species. Its body is adorned with a striking pattern of white, black, yellow, and blue colours, but what sets it apart is its large and brilliantly pink tail fin.

They are typically found in lagoons or reefs. The Pinktail Triggerfish feeds on coral polyps, crustaceans, algae, worms, and other small invertebrates.

However, it’s important to note that this species is not recommended for home aquariums due to its aggressive nature towards other fish, such as guppies.

If you decide to keep this fish, it should be housed in a tank with larger cichlids like Jack Dempsey cichlids or pink convict cichlids. Depending on the tank size, wild peacock cichlids may also be compatible.

Additionally, because the pinktail triggerfish can become territorial, providing it with enough room and avoiding cluttering the tank with American cichlid species is essential.

Adding this unique species demands careful consideration because it might disturb the harmony among your aquarium’s ever-increasing population of gorgeous pink-hued fish.

Pink Skunk Clown

The Pink Skunk Clownfish is a hardy and relatively peaceful species, making it a vibrant addition to any home aquarium. This fish boasts a pinkish-orange body adorned with three distinct white stripes, creating an eerie yet beautiful presence in its environment.

It is a suitable choice for community tanks as long as there are no aggressive tankmates. Providing warm water and plenty of hiding places like rocks and coral reefs will ensure its well-being.

Regarding diet, the Pink Skunk Clownfish is an omnivore, happily consuming plant matter and meaty foods. Its easy care requirements make it a top choice among aquarists seeking a cute and colourful tropical pet.

With its striking colouration and unique personality, the Pink Skunk Clownfish proves to be an excellent addition to any home aquarium.

Pink Flowerhorn

The Pink Flowerhorn, an exceptional hybrid between two species of South American cichlids, is a fish that has historically represented riches and rank. This little, distinctive pink fish is one of the most attractive aquarium fish.

Its body is coated in vivid colours that range from brilliant to dark pink. It captures attention in any aquarium setting with its powerful fins and enormous head, which give it an almost magnificent appearance.

They are territorial and aggressive, like other tropical fish species like Pacu Fish. Still, if housed in a large enough tank, they can get along with other lovely freshwater aquarium fish.

The Pink Flowerhorn will surely be the center of attention in any aquatic display.

Pink Kissing Gouramis

The captivating Pink Kissing Gouramis are freshwater fish distinguished by their striking checkerboard pattern adorning their colourful bodies. These active and friendly fish, known for their rounded tails, are popular with aquarium enthusiasts. The female fish display a delightful pinkish hue, further enhancing their appeal.

Contrary to their name, Pink Kissing Gouramis are not aggressive and prefer a diet mainly consisting of plant material rather than meat. With its light pinkish-white colouration, this unique species promises to bring fascination and charm to any home aquarium.

Their mesmerizing presence is bound to captivate onlookers and create an eye-catching focal point in your aquatic paradise. Welcome these mysterious and intriguing Pink Kissing Gouramis into your tank, and prepare to be amazed by their beauty and grace.

Pink Convict Cichlids

Pink Convict Cichlids are an offbeat species that results from crossbreeding with a vibrant pink colouration. Fishes like Cambodian Betta Fish and Bottomdwelling Fish are streamed from the forest to use in their creation. So it can meet the demand for colour among the aquarists.

These fish possess an oval body shape with a pale peach-coloured body, making them stand out in slow-moving streams. The demand for these neon fish has increased due to their unique colouring, making them popular among aquarium hobbyists worldwide.

Pink Bettas

Pink Bettas, which have a distinctive flesh-toned tint, are becoming more and more popular among aquarium hobbyists due to their scarcity. These fish are native to South America, Central America, and North America, where they can be found in slow-moving or shallow streams and still ponds.

They have an eerily gorgeous appearance because of their oval body shape and translucent pinkish-white tail fin. Their colour varies, but it typically has a pink hue, making them stand out among other fish species.

These pink Bettas are made all the more mysterious and ghastly by the variety of aquarium fish, drawing admirers from all over the world who are entranced by their alluring beauty and colours.

Pink Tuxedo Guppies

Crossbreeding has resulted in the strikingly coloured Pink Tuxedo Guppies, a guppy known for its brilliant pink colouring. These fish, with an oval-shaped body and a flat head, are endemic to northeast and northern South America, where they thrive in warm waters.

The popularity of this species has expanded dramatically over the years due to its eye-catching colours and ability to eat plant debris and plant products.

These robust fish require plenty of plants in their aquarium and protection from which to hide when necessary.

Moonrise Pink Glowfish Tetras

This extraordinary fish is a product of genetic modification, carefully crafted by scientists to achieve its mesmerizing and vivid pink colouration. With its ethereal glow, it introduces an intriguing touch of mystique to any aquarium.

Moonrise Pink Glow Fish

As it gracefully glides through the water, the Moonrise Pink Glowfish Tetra presents a captivating spectacle that captures the attention of onlookers. Its piercing gaze and otherworldly beauty create a truly unique and stunning display in your tank.

Prepare to be enchanted, as this remarkable fish adds a touch of allure and intrigue to your aquatic world.

Pink Jack Dempsey Cichlids

The Pink Jack Dempsey Cichlid, a hybrid colour morph of the common Jack Dempsey fish, is greatly sought after for its stunning beauty.

This pale pink fish has an almost eerie presence and can add a distinct dynamic to any aquarium.

Its body is predominantly white, with a few pink spots on its fins and tail.

It also features enormous eyes that appear to stare unblinkingly at any bystanders, lending it a macabre character that attracts the attention of those who see it.

The Pink Jack Dempsey Cichlid is a wonderfully lovely species that is ideal for anyone wishing to add a touch of mystery and creepiness to their tank.

Albino Pacu Fish

The Albino Pacu is a colour morph rarely seen in captivity and found in the Amazon River of Colombia. Its ghostly pallor and almost translucent flesh make it an eerily beautiful fish.

With its blunt molars, adapted for cracking nuts and grinding plant material, this strange creature is a sight in any aquarium.

Although it can be difficult to find one due to its rarity, it makes an impressive addition due to its unique appearance and behavior.

It may be small, but its presence will always be felt with its haunting beauty.

Mexican Tetras

The Mexican Tetra, a small freshwater fish of the Melanotaeniidae family with a light pinkish-white colour, is notable for its lack of pigment. This strangely pale colour gives it a disturbing aspect as if the creature was plucked from some old and forgotten depths.

Its iridescent skin appears to gleam against the dark depths of its tank, luring spectators with an enigmatic charm. Its beauty is subtle, yet its presence is strong—like a spooky apparition visiting your aquarium.

Strawberry Peacock Cichlids

Strawberry Peacock Cichlids are a vibrant species of freshwater fish renowned for their striking colouration. They are endemic to the East African region.

With ghostly pink flesh veined with ebony stripes and eyes that seem to glow in the midnight depths of an aquarium, these exotic creatures evoke a sense of fear and dread in those who witness their eerie beauty.

A solitary species by nature, they lurk silently among the shadows, watching and waiting with almost supernatural patience. Those who dare cross its path feel a chill running down their spine as they realize this is no ordinary fish – it lives beyond our realm and respects no boundaries.

Checkered Rainbowfish

The Strawberry Peacock Cichlid is a beautiful pink fish from East Africa’s southern part of Lake Malawi. We move on to the next stunning pink species, the Checkered Rainbowfish.

This small and colourful freshwater fish belongs to the Melanotaeniidae family, often seen as a symbol of mystery and macabre enchantment in aquariums. Its pinkish-orange colouration is almost otherworldly, coupled with the black checkered pattern that mesmerizes everyone looking at it.

This Checkered Rainbowfish needs enough swimming space and peaceful companions if it is to thrive within an aquarium environment, ensuring that your tank remains full of life and beauty for many years to come.


Many aquarium hobbyists are drawn to these fish because of their attractive pink hues. Pink-coloured fish for aquariums range from the popular Pink Salmon and Pinktail Triggerfish to the unusual Albino Pacu Fish and Checkered Rainbowfish.

Each species has different care requirements, but they all add a beautiful splash of colour and life to any home aquarium.

When one looks at these creatures glistening in pink hues, they are mesmerized by their beauty and attracted by their mystery.



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