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9 Must Have Things That Goldfish Like In Their Tank

Are you looking to create the perfect tank for your goldfish? Goldfish need certain things in their tank to thrive, like a heater, filter, and substrate.

What else do they need? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll go over 9 must-have items that your goldfish will love in their tank.

Read on to learn what they are and how you can provide them with the best environment possible!

Key Takeaways

  • A heater is essential for maintaining a consistent water temperature in a goldfish tank.
  • Having a filter in the goldfish tank is crucial for keeping the water clean and circulating.
  • Choosing a suitable substrate for the goldfish tank helps maintain a healthy environment.
  • Including aquatic plants in the goldfish tank contributes to a healthy and natural environment.


A heater is essential for a goldfish’s tank to keep the water temperature consistent. By regulating oxygenation and temperature control, you can ensure your pet has a comfortable environment.

A quality aquarium heater will allow you to maintain an optimal temperature range that’s neither too hot nor too cold – something your fish will thank you for!

With proper care and maintenance, your goldfish can enjoy a healthy and comfortable home in their tank.


Having a filter in your goldfish tank is essential to keeping its water clean and circulating. The type of filter you choose should be appropriate for the size and inhabitants of your tank, as well as any plants you may have.

It’s important to place your filter correctly, so it doesn’t create too much current or splash surface agitation.

Type of Filter

You’ll need to choose a filter for your goldfish’s tank that is designed for small ponds or aquariums. Hang-on-back and canister filters are popular choices.

Hang-on-back filters use the water flow of an aquarium, while canister filters provide superior filtration to maintain high water quality.

Both types must be cleaned regularly for optimal performance. Taking the time to properly maintain your filter will ensure healthy fish and a clean aquarium environment.

Placement of Filter

Proper placement of the filter is essential for optimal performance. To reduce stress and maintain water quality, the filter should be placed in an area with not too much current or turbulence. Position it so that water flows into the intake in a way that maximizes filtration efficiency.

Make sure there are no obstructions near it to ensure efficient flow. Consider moving any decorations blocking its pathway to help keep your goldfish safe and healthy.

Cleaning Schedule

Regularly cleaning your filter is essential for keeping water quality at its best.

Aquarium maintenance is a critical part of caring for your goldfish, so it’s important to stay on top of cleaning their tank.

To keep the water clean and clear, you should aim to do partial water changes every week or two and clean the filter media every few weeks as well.

This will ensure that your goldfish can breathe easy and enjoy a healthy environment!


Choose a suitable substrate for your goldfish’s tank to help keep their environment healthy. Gravel types vary, from small to large pebbles and colors like white, natural or multi-colored.

To clean the gravel, use a siphon device and vacuum the substrate during water changes. Be sure to rinse it off beforehand if using tap water.

Regularly check for debris and remove any uneaten food or waste to maintain a healthy tank for your goldfish.


Now that you’ve chosen a substrate for your tank, it’s time to think about decorations. Depending on the size of your tank, you can choose from many decorative themes.

Make sure to research what will work best for the size of your tank and the pH levels in the water.


When it comes to plants for your goldfish tank, there are a few things to consider.

First, the types of plants you choose should be suited to a freshwater aquarium environment.

Second, their placement in the tank is important; make sure they don’t interfere with your fish’s swimming space or block any essential filtration equipment.

Plant Types

You’ll want to include some aquatic plants in your goldfish tank, such as hornwort, anacharis, and java moss. Decorate your tank with these plants for a beautiful and natural look.

Choose from a variety of options depending on the decorating style you prefer. Hornwort is ideal for improving water quality while anacharis provides cover and hiding places for fish. Java moss is low-maintenance and great for providing oxygenation in the tank.

Selecting the right plant will bring life to your aquarium!

Plant Placement

Properly placing your plants is essential for creating a healthy, balanced environment for your fish. Think about the size of your tank when you decide where to put them.

Also, consider how they will impact the socializing habits of your goldfish. Put taller varieties in the back and shorter ones in front to give each type enough room to thrive without blocking visibility.

Doing this helps ensure even light distribution and provides an enjoyable space for everyone!

Plant Care

It’s important to maintain a healthy environment for your goldfish and their tank plants. Keeping the water temperature consistent will help ensure the plants remain healthy.

Feeding your fish a regular schedule will also help keep them from eating the plants in their tank. Ensure that you are providing adequate sunlight for the tank plants, as well as trimming them when necessary.

With proper care, your goldfish and their tank plants can thrive!


Goldfish prefer a light source that is dim or indirect. Aquarium lighting can provide the necessary illumination your goldfish need and should be adjusted to mimic natural day/night cycles.

The right light spectrum will ensure they remain healthy and active, so pay attention to the wattage of the bulb you’re using. A good rule of thumb is to keep it on for no longer than 12 hours per day. This will protect their eyesight from damage caused by overexposure.

Serve them well with this simple but important step!

Water Parameters

Maintaining correct water parameters is key for keeping goldfish happy and healthy. Goldfish thrive in clean, well-maintained tanks with temperatures between 65°F – 75°F.

Additionally, pH levels should be kept between 6.5-7.5 to prevent stressors from further harming the fish’s health.

Regularly testing these water parameters will ensure that your goldfish can continue to live a long and healthy life!


Now that you have the water parameters in check, it’s time to discuss diet.

Goldfish are omnivores with specific feeding habits and food types they prefer. Offer a variety of small pellets, flakes, freeze-dried foods, and other treats for your goldfish.

Be sure to not overfeed as this can lead to unhealthy aquarium conditions.


When considering tankmates for your goldfish, it’s important to remember that they’re solitary creatures and don’t always cohabitate well with other fish. To ensure a healthy environment and companionship benefits, choose species of similar size and temperament.

Avoid aggressive or nippy fish as this will likely cause stress levels to rise in the goldfish. Consider keeping two or more of the same species together as they often enjoy each others’ company.

It’s best to avoid overcrowding the tank so all occupants have enough space to swim freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Water Should I Use for My Goldfish Tank?

For your goldfish tank, use water that is at a temperature between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit and has a pH level of 7.0-7.8 to provide the best environment for your fish.

How Often Should I Do Water Changes in My Goldfish Tank?

You should do water changes based on the size of your tank and quality of the water. Aim to change 25-50% every two weeks for best results. This helps keep your goldfish healthy and happy.

How Large Should a Goldfish Tank Be?

You should choose a tank size that will allow for proper water temperature regulation. A larger tank holds more water, which helps keep temperatures stable. Aim for at least 20 gallons per goldfish to ensure the best environment.

How Many Goldfish Can I Keep in One Tank?

You should consider the size of your tank when deciding how many goldfish to keep. Generally, one gallon of water per inch of adult fish is recommended to maintain proper water quality.

Are There Any Special Requirements for Goldfish Tanks?

Yes, there are special requirements for goldfish tanks. Proper lighting and tank decorations are important to create a healthy environment for your goldfish. They also need clean, well filtered water with proper pH levels and a safe size tank that is not overcrowded.


You can make sure your goldfish are happy and healthy by providing them with all the necessary items they need in their tank. This includes a quality heater, filter, substrate, decorations, plants, lighting, and water parameters that suit their needs. Additionally, it is important to provide them with a varied diet that meets all of their nutritional requirements. Once you have set up the tank, you’ll be ready to introduce compatible tankmates to join in on all the fun. By creating an inviting environment for your goldfish, you can ensure they live long and happy lives!



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