Benefits of Keeping A Fish Aquarium At Home

6 Benefits of Keeping A Fish Aquarium At Home As Per Vastu

Keeping a fish aquarium at home is like having your piece of the ocean in your home. Imagine waking up every morning to find colorful fish and fish swimming around you, bringing a peaceful atmosphere to start the day with. Having an aquarium at home offers many benefits, making it much more than just an aesthetic addition to one’s living space.

Many quantitative studies have shown that watching fish swim has numerous health benefits, such as improving heart rate, reduction in blood pressure, and improved concentration levels. Keeping a fish tank is a great way to stay mentally and physically healthy.

With all these amazing advantages, it’s no surprise that so many people bring some underwater friends into their lives.

Vastu for Fish Aquarium

According to the ancient Indian science of Vastu, fish aquariums bring good luck and fortune into a home. The presence of Vastu fishes in an aquarium maintains the flow of energy & balances the energy equilibrium in any living space, and creates a positive aura.

Black Moor

Having a small aquarium for your home can be a great way to enhance your decor while bringing some much-needed serenity into your environment.

When it comes to selecting which kind of fish should inhabit your tank, there are many good luck fish for aquariums that you can choose from. The popular ones include angelfish, koi carp, goldfish, guppies, and mollies.

Does Aquarium Fish Bring Good Luck?

Though there is no scientific evidence that aquarium fish bring good luck, many believe that having a fish aquarium with certain types of fish species, such as dragon fishes, can bring good luck to one’s home. The aquarium water element has been thought to be linked to positive energy and is said to attract luck in many cultures.

These beliefs have made the idea of keeping an aquarium full of unique ‘luck’ fish popular among people who want to enhance their lives with this positive effect.

Moving ahead, we’ll explore the benefits of having an aquarium at home.

Benefits Of Keeping A Fish Aquarium At Home

Having a fish tank at home can be an enjoyable and therapeutic experience. Not only do aquarium fish bring good luck, but they also offer many health benefits. Here are some of the advantages of having a beautiful fish tank in your home:

  1. Therapeutic Effect– Watching the graceful swimming motions of colorful tropical fish can have a calming effect on any person’s mind, reducing stress levels and anxiety symptoms.
  2. Positive Vibe– Having a few aquatic friends around provides positive energy for anyone who lives in that environment, as it creates a relaxed atmosphere with its soothing presence.
  3. Health Benefits– Studies have shown that owning an aquarium may reduce blood pressure and improve overall well-being due to its therapeutic effects. Placing your aquarium in the southeast direction of your house might reap more health benefits from keeping these little creatures around!
  4. Beauty & Decor– A bonus of having an aquarium is that it makes even small spaces look bigger, brighter, and inviting, not to mention all the vibrant colors that come with it!
  5. Low Maintenance: Fish tanks are relatively low maintenance compared to other pets.
  6. Improves Air Quality: Fish tanks help enhance air quality by releasing oxygen. This helps to reduce dust and other allergens in the air.

In short, whether you’re looking for good luck or want to add something unique and beautiful to your space, having an aquarium is worth considering – both aesthetically and therapeutically. One should consider the Vastu implications of keeping a fish tank before starting this journey into aqua life.

Right Placement For An Aquarium Per Vastu

When it comes to keeping a fish aquarium in your home, Vastu Shastra recommends the correct fish tank position & correct direction to maintain energy flow.

  • You should place the aquarium in the North, East, or North-east direction of the house as this allows for positive energy flow. South direction should be avoided.
  • The ideal location of room for placing the aquarium is the living room.
  • The center of the house is reserved for the Brahmasthan, the cosmic center of the home. Hence it should be avoided.
  • Aquarium should be kept clean and well-maintained. One can make a weekly water change schedule as it will keep negative energy at bay.

It is important to remember that when adhering to Vastu principles, every decision should be made carefully so that everyone in your family experiences only positivity and good vibes.

What Are The Lucky Fish Colors And Types As Per Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, fish aquariums are said to bring luck and fortune. It is believed that different colors of fish, as well as various types of fish in the aquarium, have a positive influence on the dwellers of the house.

Best Color Fishes for Home as per Vastu

Black fish is the most common Vastu-friendly color for fishes to be kept in an aquarium. Black mollies, tetras, and shark catfishes are all considered auspicious.

Yellow-colored guppies and white goldfishes also carry good luck. Keeping these colorful fishes can lead to prosperity and wealth in one’s life. Apart from being attractive, they offer mental peace and relaxation due to their calming effect on our minds.

White Goldfish

It has been found that having more than four species of fish in an aquarium brings even more positivity into a home or work environment.

Overall, incorporating vibrant hues and diverse species helps create energy flow within your space, leading to better vibes around you.

Choosing the right type and number of lucky fish can help increase luck and prosperity in your life, so focus on this aspect before setting up your aquascape.

Is Fish Giving Birth in the Aquarium Good or Bad?

Is fish giving birth in the aquarium a good or bad thing? This is an important question to consider when keeping fish at home.

On the one hand, having baby fish appear in your tank can be exciting and add new life to your aquarium. It’s also possible that these baby fish won’t survive for very long, so it’s important to take certain precautions if you allow them to breed.

In general, fish giving birth in aquarium is considered as auspicious.

Moderation is the most important factor when deciding whether or not to let your fish give birth in the home aquarium. Allowing too many babies into the tank could cause overcrowding and stunt their growth, leading to poor health for both parents and offspring. To ensure success, keep only two breeding pairs per 10-gallon tank.

Pro Tip: Make sure there are plenty of hiding places within the tank, such as aquatic plants or rocks, so that smaller fish can find shelter from bigger ones who may try to eat them.

How Many Fish Are Lucky In Home Aquarium?

Experts recommend keeping at least two or three small-sized fish per 10 gallons of water. This ensures that each species has enough room to move around without overcrowding its environment. Keeping more than this will require additional aeration and filtration systems to ensure proper oxygen levels and prevent ammonia buildup.

Regarding luckiness, the exact number varies depending on cultural beliefs; however, Western cultures often consider seven lucky, and in Eastern cultures, keeping an odd number of fish is considered auspicious.

So if you are looking for a promising start for your aquarium journey, consider maintaining it with seven fishes.

Pro Tip: Ultimately, though, whatever numbers you decide upon, research what types are compatible together, so they don’t end up fighting one another or damaging the ecosystem balance within your little piece of aquatic heaven. Make sure to choose fish species wisely.

Where Should You Not Place An Aquarium?

It is essential to consider where not to place and avoid aquarium directions when keeping fish at home.

  • You should never place an aquarium in a location that will produce negative energy, such as near the front door or in a bedroom.
  • Direct sunlight has adverse effects on aquatic life and should be avoided.
  • Keeping the aquarium near an electrical outlet or open wires should be avoided.
  • Keeping a small fish tank in your bedroom isn’t recommended either due to its high-stress level, which could result in fish mortality.

Therefore, when selecting an optimal location for an aquarium, ensure that any potential areas are free from negative energy and direct sunlight, considering both the physical and psychological health of those occupying the space.

Disadvantages Of Keeping An Aquarium At Home

Despite the many benefits of having an aquarium in your home, there are also some potential drawbacks.

  • Keeping a fish tank can take time and effort. The cost of purchasing supplies such as food, gravel, lights, and filters may add up quickly.
  • Regular maintenance must be done to keep the water clean, which requires changing the filter and cleaning out debris or algae growth. This process can take several hours each week, depending on the tank’s size.


In conclusion, keeping an aquarium in the home is a great way to bring luck and positivity into your life. It can also help relax you after a long day of hard work. With the right placement per Vastu Shastra and the correct type of fish, it can become a fantastic addition to any home, giving you a beautiful sight as you are at home.

With all this said, as an aquarium hobbyist, I highly recommend having a pet fish in your home, be it a golden fish or dark fish. After all, who doesn’t love watching brightly colored little creatures swimming around? You never know – they may bring some extra joy into your life.



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