Can Guppy Fish Live With Shrimp?

Are you thinking of keeping guppy fish and shrimp together in the same aquarium? You can do that! Keeping guppy fish and shrimp together is a great way to enjoy your tank, as both species have lots to offer.

In this article, we’ll look at their compatibility, water quality requirements, feeding habits, and potential predators. So let’s dive right in and find out how you can make sure your guppy fish and shrimp are happy and healthy living together!

Key Takeaways

  • Keeping guppy fish and shrimp together can encourage breeding behavior and create a dynamic eco-system.
  • Breeding guppies with shrimp is not recommended as guppies may feed on shrimp fry.
  • Both guppy fish and shrimp require adequate space and water conditions, as well as hiding places and a balanced diet for their health and well-being.
  • Common predators for guppy fish and shrimp include bettas, crabs, crayfish, and frogs, so it’s important to research potential tank mates and provide hiding spots and tank coverage for safety.

Benefits of Keeping Guppy Fish and Shrimp Together

You can benefit from keeping guppy fish and shrimp together.

Breeding behavior is encouraged as they occupy different areas in the tank, while the setup of the tank remains simpler.

The guppies generally eat anything that falls to the bottom, so less food is required for both species.

Plus, shrimp are excellent scavengers helping keep the tank clean and well oxygenated.

With this setup, you have a dynamic eco-system that will not only bring diversity to your aquarium but also freedom from tedious maintenance.

Compatibility Between Guppy Fish and Shrimp

It’s possible for these two species to coexist. Guppy fish and shrimp can live together in harmony, but there are important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Breeding Compatibility: Breeding guppies with shrimp is not recommended as they will likely feed on the shrimp fry.
  • Tank Requirements: Both species need adequate space and water conditions, so make sure your tank size is suitable.
  • Care Needs: Provide plenty of hiding places and a balanced diet for both species to ensure their health and well-being.

Water Quality Requirements for Guppy Fish and Shrimp

Maintaining proper water quality is essential for both guppy and shrimp to thrive.

Tank size and temperature are two key factors in keeping the water healthy. Guppies need a minimum tank size of 10 gallons with temperatures between 72-82°F (22-27°C). Shrimp prefer tanks larger than 20 gallons, at 68-78°F (20-25°C).

Weekly partial water changes of 25% can help keep levels right for both species. Ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate should all be monitored to ensure their well being.

Feeding Habits of Guppy Fish and Shrimp

Guppies and shrimp have different dietary needs. Guppies prefer live food, but they also accept flake and pellet food. On the other hand, shrimp are mostly scavengers that will eat leftover fish food or algae.

When it comes to tank size, guppies require a larger tank if you have a larger number of fish. This helps to reduce aggression among them. Shrimp, on the other hand, can do well with small tanks. However, it is important not to overfeed them.

With proper care and feeding habits, guppy fish and shrimp can coexist peacefully!

Potential Predators for Guppy Fish and Shrimp

Keeping these species safe from potential predators is important for their survival. Breeding habits, tank size, and a few other factors all contribute to the safety of guppy fish and shrimp in an aquarium.

Common predators include larger fish like bettas, crabs, crayfish, and frogs; be sure to research each potential tank mate before introducing them.

In addition to these aquatic predators, birds or cats may also be a problem if they can reach into the tank. Providing adequate hiding spots and keeping your aquarium covered will help keep your guppies and shrimp safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Clean the Tank When Keeping Guppy Fish and Shrimp Together?

Clean your tank regularly to maintain the best water parameters for guppy fish and shrimp. Be mindful of their feeding habits when deciding how often to clean, as uneaten food can cause a decline in water quality.

What Is the Ideal Temperature for the Tank When Keeping Guppy Fish and Shrimp Together?

For the ideal tank temperature when keeping guppy fish and shrimp together, aim for a range of 72-78°F. Monitor water parameters closely to ensure correct feeding habits for both species. Be sure to provide a comfortable environment for your aquatic friends!

Are There Any Other Fish That Can Be Kept With Guppy Fish and Shrimp in the Same Tank?

Looking for tankmates for your guppy and shrimp? Consider species with similar feeding habits and water chemistry. Tetras, barbs, rasboras, corydoras cats and gouramis are all great choices. Have fun exploring the possibilities!

What Type of Substrate Should I Use When Keeping Guppy Fish and Shrimp Together?

When keeping guppy fish and shrimp together, use a substrate that promotes healthy feeding habits and water quality. Consider adding live plants to create natural habitats for both species. Choose a substrate that will help maintain water parameters, while also promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Are There Any Special Considerations When Breeding Guppy Fish and Shrimp Together?

When breeding guppy fish and shrimp together, consider the tank size and their feeding requirements. Ensure plenty of space for swimming and provide them with a balanced diet to keep them happy and healthy.


It’s a great idea to keep guppy fish and shrimp together in the same tank. They are compatible, just make sure you provide them with clean, well-oxygenated water and feed them appropriately.

Be aware that there may be potential predators for both species so be sure to take appropriate precautions.

All in all, it’s a great combination that can bring lots of joy and excitement into your home aquarium!



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