Common Goldfish Vs Comet: How To Know The Difference

Are you wondering about the difference between common goldfish and comet? You’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore the physical characteristics, behavior differences, lifespan, care requirements, and identifying markings of these two popular fish varieties.

Get ready to learn all you need to know about how to tell them apart.

Key Takeaways

  • Physical characteristics are the key factor in telling common goldfish and comets apart.
  • Comets are more active swimmers and tend to swim at faster speeds compared to common goldfish.
  • Common goldfish have a longer lifespan, reaching up to 15 years, while comets typically live up to 10 years.
  • Tank size requirements differ, with common goldfish needing a minimum of 20 gallons and comets needing 10 gallons per fish.

Physical Characteristics

You can tell the difference between common goldfish and comet fish by looking at their physical characteristics. Comets have a longer, more slender body than common goldfish.

Breeding habits vary too. Comets reproduce faster and prefer to spawn in shallow water.

Diet-wise, comets are known to be more voracious eaters compared to their common counterparts.

All in all, these two species of fish are easily distinguishable with just a glance. But there’s so much more to learn when it comes to their care!

Behavior Differences

Their behavior can be a good way to tell ’em apart.

Common goldfish tend to have higher aggression levels and are less likely to swim at fast speeds than comets.

Comets, on the other hand, are more active swimmers and may display more aggressive behaviors towards other fish in their environment.

Both types of fish enjoy being around people and will respond positively when given attention. However, it’s important to remember that comets require more exercise than common goldfish due to their high energy levels.


Both types of fish have relatively long lifespans. Comets typically live up to 10 years, while common goldfish can reach up to 15 years.

To extend their lifespan, both require proper diet and breeding habits. A balanced diet is essential for both types of fish, with varying needs based on age and activity level.

In addition, providing an environment that meets their specific breeding needs will help them stay healthy and active longer.

With the right care and attention, you can enjoy your goldfish or comet for many happy years!

Care Requirements

Caring for either type of fish requires providing them with a balanced diet and an environment that meets their specific breeding needs. When buying, check the tank size requirements. Common goldfish need a minimum of 20 gallons, while comets need 10 gallons per fish. Keep in mind both types may grow up to 12 inches long and require ample space to swim comfortably.

Regular water changes should be done weekly or bi-weekly for healthy growth and adequate oxygen levels. Additionally, offer nutritious foods such as brine shrimp or bloodworms for optimal health!

Identifying Markings

Identifying common goldfish vs comet markings can be done by looking for particular patterns or colors.

Breeding habits and tank size are two key differences for the two species.

The common goldfish has a rounded body, shorter fins and a single tail while the comet is slimmer with longer fins and a double-tailed fan shape.

Common goldfish also have more vibrant colors than comets which are usually silvery in color with black speckles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Comet Goldfish and Common Goldfish Interbreed?

Yes, comet goldfish and common goldfish can interbreed if their breeding requirements and temperature needs are met. However, care should be taken to ensure the hybrid offspring thrive in their environment.

Are Comet Goldfish or Common Goldfish Better Suited for Outdoor Ponds?

When it comes to outdoor ponds, comet goldfish are better suited due to their hardier nature and less stringent breeding requirements. However, water temperature should be taken into consideration when caring for either type of fish.

Are Either Type of Goldfish Suitable for a Beginner Fish Keeper?

Both common and comet goldfish make great starter fish for beginner fishkeepers. Tank setup is easy and pond maintenance is minimal. With some research, you’ll be able to provide a happy home for your new companions.

How Do the Size Differences Between Comet Goldfish and Common Goldfish Affect Their Diet Requirements?

When buying tips, it is important to consider the size differences between comet goldfish and common goldfish. Depending on the size of your tank, their diet requirements will vary accordingly. Smaller fish need smaller portions, whereas larger fish require more food. Consider this when selecting a fish for your tank!

Are Comet Goldfish or Common Goldfish More Prone to Disease?

Both comet goldfish and common goldfish are susceptible to disease, so it’s important to practice good water quality and prevention measures. Pay special attention to keeping the water clean and ensuring your fish are healthy.


Knowing the difference between a common goldfish and a comet can help you make sure they have the right care.

Physically, comets are longer with more fins and a forked tail.

Behaviorally, comets tend to be more active and swim faster than common goldfish.

Comets also tend to live longer if given proper care.

Finally, look for markings on the side of your fish; comets typically have larger orange patches or stripes than common goldfish.

No matter what type of fish you have, give it plenty of love and attention!



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