Is Guppy Fish Lucky As Per Vastu

Is Guppy Fish Lucky As Per Vastu?

Are you looking to bring some luck into your home? You may have heard that keeping guppy fish according to Vastu, an ancient Indian practice of architecture and design, can help.

But what does Vastu really mean, and how do you know if guppies are the right type of fish for you?

Read on to learn more about Vastu and its relationship with guppy fish!

Key Takeaways

  • Guppy fish may bring luck in some cultures, but not necessarily as per Vastu.
  • Keeping guppies in an aquarium enhances harmony between family members.
  • Guppies are believed to attract good fortune and prosperity.
  • The vibrant colors of guppies symbolize joy and positivity.

What Is Vastu and How Does It Relate to Fish

Vastu is an ancient Indian practice that deals with architecture and design, so it’s unlikely a guppy fish would be considered lucky according to it. Vastu principles focus on energy flow, harmony, and balance in the environment, but do not include any symbolism related to fish.

Fish have their own symbolic meanings – both good and bad – and are seen differently depending on the culture you come from. Guppy fish may bring luck in some cultures, but not necessarily as per Vastu.

The Benefits of Keeping Guppy Fish According to Vastu

According to Vastu, you can benefit from keeping guppy fish. They bring luck, vitality, and energy to your home.

1) Guppies are believed to attract good fortune and prosperity.

2) Feng Shui Fish will help balance the energy in a room.

3) Keeping them in an aquarium is said to enhance harmony between family members.

4) The vibrant colors of guppies symbolize joy and positivity.

Guppy beliefs offer a way to make life more enjoyable and fulfilling!

How to Place a Guppy Fish Tank for Maximum Luck

To maximize the luck and prosperity your home can bring, it’s important to place your guppy tank in the right spot.

When choosing guppies, opt for bright colors and healthy fish.

Place the tank in an area that receives indirect sunlight and is away from windows or doors. It should be near a source of positive energy like a garden or artwork.

Utilize strategic placement strategies like having the entrance of the tank face east to attract good fortune.

Make sure you also clean the tank regularly for maximum luck!

Common Misconceptions About Guppy Fish and Vastu

Many people have misconceptions about the connection between guppy fish and vastu, but you should know that they are not necessarily related. Here are four facts to consider:

  1. Guppies require proper care for them to thrive regardless of Vastu considerations.
  2. Placing a guppy tank in the right part of your home can lead to greater happiness and balance.
  3. Emotional well-being is more important than any supposed Vastu benefits from guppies.
  4. Enjoying the beauty of your guppies is always something to strive for!

Other Fish Varieties That Bring Good Luck According to Vastu

Other than guppies, certain other types of fish are said to bring good fortune according to vastu. Betta fish and goldfish, for example, are believed to have a positive effect on energy dynamics in the home. This is because their bright colors help to balance out the elements in the environment.

Furthermore, these fish require minimal maintenance and can be kept in various tanks or bowls to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Most importantly, they offer stress-reducing benefits simply by being present around us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Tell Which Direction to Place a Guppy Fish Tank for Maximum Luck According to Vastu?

Creating a sacred space with your guppy fish tank is key to the vastu benefits and spiritual connection you seek. Place it in the North or East for maximum luck and prosperity. This will help you experience more freedom in your life.

Are There Certain Colors of Guppy Fish That Are Luckier Than Others According to Vastu?

When buying guppies, there are no specific colors that are luckier than others according to Vastu. However, it is important to ensure proper fish care in order to maximize their health and chance of success.

Is There a Proper Way to Feed Guppy Fish for Luck According to Vastu?

Feeding guppies for luck according to Vastu is important for keeping them healthy! Choose breeds that work best with your environment and keep a balanced diet. Feed small amounts twice daily, clean tanks regularly, and monitor water pH levels. This will ensure your guppies remain lucky and happy!

Does the Size of the Guppy Fish Tank Have Any Effect on Luck According to Vastu?

According to spiritual symbolism and feng shui placement, the size of your guppy fish tank can have an effect on luck. Consider its position in the environment to maximize positive energy within your home. Place it in a place where you feel most inspired and energized for best results.

Are There Any Other Types of Fish That Bring Luck According to Vastu Besides Guppy Fish?

Yes, there are other types of fish that bring luck according to Vastu. Keep the tank clean with regular cleaning tips and gifting rituals for the fish species like goldfish, harlequin rasbora, cardinal tetra, and paradise fish. These can help to bring prosperity and good luck to your home.


You don’t have to be an expert in vastu to enjoy the benefits of guppy fish. While it can bring luck and prosperity, you should remember that other fish varieties can also provide positive energy according to vastu.

As long as you place your aquarium correctly, keeping guppies and other fish can help create a more balanced atmosphere in your home. So don’t wait any longer – get yourself some guppy fish today and start feeling lucky!



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